Summertime Happiness

7 Jun

I’m gonna try something new. I’m gonna be happy about this summer. I’m basically going to start viewing the Dr. Pepper can as a refreshingly 23 flavored beverage now instead of a caloric intake nightmare.

So you ask, “What do have to look forward to this summer, Zany Zack? You’re only in San Marcos working this summer.”

Well, as it just so happens, devastatingly invested reader, I have a whole slew of plans!

  • I’m gonna go to Target this week! Just cause!
  • I’m gonna watch all of Parks and Recreations! I got Hulu Plus!
  • I’m gonna apply at J. Crew! I want the discount!
  • I’m gonna read a book! To make myself look smart to onlookers!
  • I’m gonna keep going running in the morning! To make myself look skinny to onlookers!
  • I’m gonna text friends and hope that they respond! To make myself look desperate to onlookers!
  • I’m gonna pray to God that this be the best summer ever! BECAUSE IT CAN BE!

I need to keep reminding myself that just because I am not in a different city, in a different state, in a different country, on a different planet, in another galaxy doesn’t mean I can’t be happy and enjoy my summer. The only thing holding me back from my summertime happiness is me.

So, jealousy-inflicting Facebook statues and tweets be damned! From here on out, I’m letting rip my Julia Roberts laugh and am going to embrace the happy that I know summer can be.

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