Compelled By Chris

14 Jun

Let me preface by saying that The Vampire Diaries is one of the most underrated shows on television right now. This isn’t just Sheryl, my CW fangirl, crying out in a “leave Britney alone” type fashion. It really, really, really is great. Believe me.


It has everything one could ever want out of a TV show, fantastic pacing, fantastic storylines (Katherine in the tomb!), fantastic twists and shocks (Katherine’s NOT IN the tomb!), and surprisingly fantastic acting (Ian Somerhalder’s eyebrows were born to be Damon Salvatore). But what the show has that beats all these other beauts, is great music.

What the show does so perfectly is that it seamlessly incorporates the music into the show. The music becomes a character itself. Now, I could go on about all the great scenes, but I’ll let music supervisor Chris Mollere’s expertise guide your opinion instead.

Ex. 1)


Ex. 2)


Ex. 3)


May I work for you, Mr. Mollere? Please?

Oh, and simply because it is one of my favorite moments from any TV show ever, here is the surprise return of Katherine from season 1!



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