“In brightest day, in blackest night, no embargo shall effect my…judgement?”

14 Jun

With the news that Warner Bros. has embargoed all reviews for Green Lantern until the day before its release, devoted fans of the series and every day movie-go-Joes are wondering, is the Green Lanterns shine actually pretty dull?

Promotion for this movie has been everywhere. From side street billboards to 7/11 displays, one can’t go anywhere without being reminded that the planet of Oa will make contact with earthly theaters June 17th.

But, what this news does to me is make me lean straight to the negative and say that the movie is going to disappoint. I never had expectations that it was going to be the next Dark Knight, but I did have expectations that it would be as good as Iron Man, or maybe even as great as the recent X-Men:First Class.

This gets me wondering, have you ever held your expectations high for a movie only to let it sorely disappoint you?

Not that I hated or disliked Super 8 in the least bit, but it didn’t mark me with the feeling I had hoped it would. With all the fantastic reviews saying it was a Goonies/E.T. for a new generation I thought that it was going to strike me as, well, the next coming of The Goonies or E.T. Maybe in 20 years time I will re watch it and it and it will all click, but for now, it was “cute.”

So I ask again, have reviews or preconceived expectations ever gotten in the way of your movie going experience? Is it best that this embargo is in effect so you will have no prior knowledge of the film? Only June 17th will tell.

(Photo credit: ComingSoon)


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