9 Jul

What were my crazy Friday night plans last night? Well, like the Katy Perry song suggests, I don’t remember. Oh well. Ha! I’m totally kidding. I spent my Friday night exploring the wonderland of Tumblr, watching Swamp People On Demand, eating Haribo gummy bears, and listening to the new Beyoncé album.

And strangely, I am content with it all.

In the last week God has been delivering what I have been trying to force upon myself: a sense of contentment and happiness.

All summer, and honestly, all spring semester, I have been forcing myself to live every day and night like it’s the weekend. Truth is, every day is NOT the weekend. I have been berating myself with criticisms of, “It’s only 1 am! Why are you in bed watching Bravo when you should be at somebody’s apartment forcing intellectual conversation on them! (I don’t drink, this explains a lot of neurosis).”

The truth is, as much as I do love hanging out with friends, a trip to Target at 9 pm on a Friday with my parents and hanging out with Willie while he wrestles cottonmouths in the back swamps of Louisiana is just what God ordered to make me feel right.

In other news, listen to this immediately. It’s the sequel to “Crazy In Love” that none of us realized we needed or wanted. AHMAZING.


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