10 Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now

19 Jul

10. “Shell Suite” by Chad Valley

I’m lovin’ this song. I may have just thrown my nomination for song of the summer into the ring, but this song is cinematically beautiful in the vain of a CW drama. I’m calling it now, you will hear this song on Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and if we’re really lucky, the new Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle, Ringer, come fall.

9. Awkward fan photos with Britney Spears

I cannot get enough of this post on ONTD. Honestly, the girl could not look more terrified or more ready to get back to her dressing room and spend some quality time with her kids bag of Cheeto puffs and Red Bull.

8. Black and white photography

Truth: it makes everything look better than it actually is.

7. My new Jesus bracelet

Never have been a male jewelry type of guy, but blame it on the fact that it has Jesus and religious figures all through it, or blame it on the fact that I got it for $3.95 in a store in Nashville with my best friend – I love it.

Although, it could be blamed on the fact that I’m pretty sure my globetrotting sister-from-another-mister has one, which leads me to…

6. Sincerely, Singapore

Favorite blog of the summer, fo sho! So proud of my girl for getting out there and letting Jesus show her the world. Her typed up adventures fill me with laughter and happiness every time I read them. Do yourself a favor and read them too.


This show is awesome with a capitol G-A-T-O-R. History Channel is slowly becoming my new staple for great entertainment. First they hooked me with Pawn Stars and now they’ve got me attached to Bruce, Troy, Wille, and the gangs line. The shows format is simple, follow gator catchers throughout the few weeks of gator season, yet, it is wickedly entertaining and has spawned some sweet catchphrases, “CHOOT ELIZABET, CHOOT!”

4. Friday Night Lights: The Complete Series

The fact that I own every season already will not discourage me from blowing my entire bank account come October 4th.

3. The Warhol Live exhibit at the Frist

I thought that I enjoyed the works of Andy Warhol, but after seeing a bulk of them live and in the flesh, I love him. He is the father of coo-coo-bananas pop art and I am so glad  I got to go see his stuff for the first time in Nashville at the Frist Museum.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

It certainly did all end, with a bang. No film series will ever be able to match the caliber of love that this series has held in my heart for the past 10 years. I’ve been trying to work on a farewell post for months now, but it is too difficult to put into words the happiness and comfort that these movies have brought me. Goodbye Harry, you will be greatly missed.


Believe me, there will be plenty of posts on this trip later. I’m in Nashville with my best friend for her 21st birthday! The city is great, the music is great, the people are great, the scenery is great, the food is BEYOND great. I’m so happy I am here right now and will be sad to leave it, but for now, I’m obsessed.


One Response to “10 Things I’m Obsessed with Right Now”

  1. Holley Collier July 27, 2011 at 2:53 PM #


    I have a picture from this summer on June 21st at that exact same spot where your friend is standing! I was very impressed with Nashville..Did you go to the Ryman Theater or the Grand Ole Opry? While I am not an old school Country fan, it was terrific..Holley

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