19 Jul

Song of the summer is always a tricky game for me – I like everything!

Personally, I am still trying to figure out what my music style is. I go from Lady Gaga to Frankie Avalon to Interpol to The Decemberists to Adele to Washed Out and make a pit stop around Eddie Vedder. I hate it that when people ask me what type of music I listen to and I have to respond with the answer, “everything, really.” I feel so pretentious. And maybe it is pretentious feeling pretentious, but, whatever.

So when it comes to summertime and blogs saturate me with the idea that I have to pick one song that will define my summer for that year, I’m annoyed.

Yet, for some odd reason the decision to this seasonal predicament has been fairly easy to attain this year.

“Money” by The Drums

Lord knows that I have loved the coo-coo-bananas style of this group since I heard them Christmas of ’09. All of their songs have the catchiest beats and hooks that reel me in faster than Troy does a gator. Seeing them live last year in Austin only cemented my love for them.

Now the band has finally released a follow-up single to their self-titled first album, and I am SUPER happy about this.

“Money” has come at just the right time. Summer’s a little less than half-way done and I have still been in need of a song that makes me want to blare it as loud as my iPhone 3G speakers will allow down by the water of the San Marcos river.

YA HEAR IT!? It’s the perfect, chill, lyrically fun, I-feel-the-sand-on-my-feet, maybe-just-a-drink-more, stay-up-with-friends-till-dawn song that I’ve been craving. So thank you Drums, I’m sure I’ll be repeating this song until late fall.


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