Ringer v. Revenge

3 Oct

The 2011 fall television season has surprisingly put women center stage. Pan Am, Hart of Dixie, The Playboy Club are just a few examples of how the ladies of entertainment are moving into prime time. Two lady-centric shows this season I was personally pumped for were Revenge and Ringer.

Now that both series’ have premiered the pilots and are moving into the single digit eps, I have to say that the two seem pretty similar. Let’s weigh the similarities of the two.

  • Beautiful Lead Actresses – I’ll admit that I looked up nothing about Ringer before it’s premiere. Sarah Michelle Gellar aka BUFFY!!!! was coming back to TV – that’s all I needed. Revenge is Emily VanCamp’s return to TV after the disaster that was Brothers & Sisters ended last year. They’re both blonde, they’re both gorgeous, they’re both ratings magnets.
  • Haughty LocaleRinger gets the city and Revenge gets the beach. SMG gets to fancy it up in the big apple while the latter, being set in The Hampton’s, is a refreshing take on New York society without having to repeat the same locations. Which is nice because, honestly, how many times has the cast of Gossip Girl eaten dinner at Butter?
  • Mistaken Identities – what’s a nighttime soap without a few dark secrets? Gilmore Girls, that’s what it is. And GG these two are not. Revenge has Emily Thorne hiding that she is actually Amanda Clarke, dum, dum, dum, who wants to seek the titular revenge on those who scorned her father, David Clarke, dum, dum, dum. On Ringer, Bridget Kelly is masquerading as her twin sister, Siobhan, and digging up all of Siobhan’s twisted secrets. While a good premise, this seems a little too complex for the 90210 viewers of The CW… dum, dum, dum!
  • Serialization – now I have my problems with serialization, e.g. Lost, but these two shows seem to be handling it pretty well so far. I’d give the advantage to Ringer right now. Revenge has set up its serialized formula of Emily enacting certain tasks of revenge while still carrying out her ultimate chore of figuring out what exactly happened with her father. Ringer on the other hand has made its key storyline Bridget/Siobhan unearthing mystery after mystery with no letup.

While the similarities in the two shows are there, the two are vastly different in their story lines and storytelling. Both are figuring out the groove they want to be in and both are pumping out some very interesting stories that keep me coming back each week to watch (sometimes even at their regular airtime!).

You can catch Ringer on The CW, Tuesday’s at 8:00pm and you can see Revenge on ABC, Wednesday’s at 9:00pm.

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