Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Complete Series

5 Oct

If there’s one thing you feel the need to spend your hard-earned cash, disposable income, or live-beyond-your-means-credit-card on this week, it MUST be the complete series of Friday Night Lights DVD that was released today.

(Me wants!)

I, myself, own all of the separate seasons on DVD because I, in my stupidity, thought that NBC would never in a million years release a complete series package. NBC barely showed it any love while it was on air, even striking a deal with Direct TV to keep it running. This will teach me to give up on the underdog.

Friday Night Lights is not only one of the greatest television shows in the history of EVER, but it also holds a panther paw shaped spot in my heart.

This series is the first show that I have been able to get almost any type of person to fall in love with. What this show did for me is not only provided me with over 50 hours of beautiful story telling, but it also brought me together with some of the greatest people ever. My sophomore year of college my roommates, myself, friends, family, strangers all became addicted to the little show that did. We would all gather in the living room of my dorm and devour episode after shaky-camera-filmed episode. We went through all the trials and tribulations of the Taylor family together: state championships, redistricting, Gracie Belle’s toddler years (they grow up so fast!) – they truly were our home-away-from-home family. Oh, and did I mention – I WAS AN EXTRA!

I’m sure you remember the scene, it was only the most gut-wrenching emotional moment of the entire series (suck it, “The Son”).

My friends and I were lucky enough to live only 30 minutes away from its filming location in Austin, TX. The show even relocated for a few days to film some of Julie Taylor’s college class scenes. And, yes…. we had class together!

(For the record, Julie Taylor cheats on tests)

Now I could go into a full laundry list of reasons why this show has so much of me invested in it, but you, dear reader, should discover the show for yourself. I can tell you firsthand that I was never one for watching a show about football, but it’s not about football at all. FNL is about heart, family, love, overcoming obstacles, and yeah, there’s a few football games in there too.

You can pick the complete series up at Best Buy for $84.99 this week (I went and ogoled over the packaging of it today, it’s worth the money!) or if you are running low on gas

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