5 Music Recommendations

14 Oct

There are always those days where it seems like you’ve exhausted the catalog of music your iPhone/Touch/Pod can hold.

Well here I am to give you a few new artists to download and cram into your 16GB musical device.

1) Benjamin Francis Leftwich

A gracious friend of mine turned me onto the soul-calming sounds of Mr. Leftwich the other day. Literally, yesterday was the first time I heard about this folksy man. If you’re in the mood for something mellow to study to, lie on your carpet and read magazines to, or something to soundtrack over you while you stare out of your window at the night sky while petting your cat, this is your man. His voice is like cotton to the ears – it’s sweet and soft. And if close your eyes long enough and get those olfactory senses working, you’d swear you were either in the middle of emerald forest or on the deserted shores of an English beach.

2) Agnes Obel

If you like the smooth sounds of Ben but want something a little more haunting, look no further than, Agnes Obel. I downloaded her album a week or so ago after hearing her, “Avenue,” on my new favorite show, Revenge. She has been a great alternative to my sorrowful-girl-with-problems go-to, Lykke Li. Like Leftwich, Obel gives off a beautifully subtle sound that lingers in your mind and makes you feel like you’re in Seattle watching the rain fall into the river while a doe grazes next to the rock you are sprawled on. Just me? Hope not.

3) Feist

She’s a staple in almost any alternative music listener’s library. And let me say, her new album does not disappoint. My favorite of “Metals” has to be the first track, “The Bad In Each Other.” It has Feist’s soft mumble mellowing over guitar riffs, trumpets, and male vocals. The wailing “Oooooooh’s” towards the end of the track only cement it as one of my fav Feist numbers.

4) St. Vincent

At times I think this girl has more fun than Regine from Arcade Fire. She gets to be as kooky and as subtly eccentric as she likes and people love it. I have yet to listen to the whole of “Strange Mercy,” but from what I’ve heard so far has made me kick myself for not seeing her in Austin this summer when I had the chance. “Cruel,” the lead single, is a creepy, fun take on creepy, fun families (I guess?). If this song is not on American Horror Story by the end of its freshmen run, then I’ll bury myself as deep as Annie Clark does in the video above.

5) Simon & Garfunkel

Yes, they are considered ancient in the world of Billboard-chart-toppers-NOW music, but, honestly, you can’t fight classic. I’ll blame it on the fact that I now have a record player and S&G’s vinyls are anywhere from upwards of .50 cents at Half-Price Books. Lately I have not been able to get enough of the, formerly perceived, creepily-in-sync duo. It’s hard for me to recommend just one masterpiece, but if I must – it has to be, “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her.” The song is flawless, and not just because it reminds me of my own UT nursing student Emily. Fast forward to the final, “I love you, giiiirrrlllll!!!” for the ultimate sound of beauty.

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