Coldplay: Now In Color!

18 Oct

It’s time to come clean, readers. I feel like we’ve formed a connection these past months which is why I’m finally comfortable with what I am about to utter…

I, Zack, am a Coldplay fan.

Wow. Like ripping off a band-aid, that one. Now this might not seem like the grandest of confessions to you, but to me, it’s a big one.

It’s an odd relationship that Coldplay and myself share. I own all of their albums, physical copies no less, I went to the Viva La Vida tour upon its Texas pit stop – yet, I never have categorized myself as a Coldplay fan. They’ve always been the band on my iTunes and iPhone that I have hit the next button when their song begins to play. I love them, but at the same time I’m never too interested in listening to them. All this said, I CANNOT stop listening to their new album, Mylo Xyloto.

It is pure bright-spray-painted-candy-coated-Chris Martin and co. at their best. Right from the get-go, Martin hauls you in with the instrumental title track seamlessly introducing – my favorite track – “Hurts Like Heaven.” This album is colorfully, deliciously, poptacular in that – for the first time – Coldplay seem, uhh, happy. The album has a glowing sense of positivity and youth that capture’s a Neverland of a world that seemed to be as lost as the lost boys Martin coos about in, the cheerfully upbeat, “Charlie Brown.” Music needs to make me visualize something in order for it to get my, oh so so so so so so coveted, stamp of approval. Coldplay does that in neon-lit colors with Xyloto. Martin has said that inspiration for this album came from New York street art and graffiti – you can tell. Coldplay manages to paint the ears with brighter colors than Lisa Frank did the eyes in the late 90s.

I urge you, millions upon millions of readers. Go out and pick up a copy of Mylo Xyloto when it hits stores on October 24. I would specifically urge you to go to Target to get your copy, because, honestly, who doesn’t love an excuse to go to Target.

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