A ‘Glee’son To Keep Watching?

11 Nov

Why can’t all of Glee be this awesome?!

Even without the brilliant source material of Adele, this is probably one of the Glee cast’s finest performance to date. Now, I am a self-diagnosed Glee hater. I watched the first season, and even bought the DVD when it was on sale at Best Buy. I loved the concept and the theme of acceptance of every type of person. But, somewhere in that first season, and the entire second season, Glee lost its way.

This episode, entitled “Mash Off,” doesn’t premiere until next Tuesday so I am still confused as to all of the side glances Santana, Mercedes, and Brittany are exchanging, but I could care less. Ryan Murphy has said that he wants to put the show back on track: focus less on guest stars and big stunts. Maybe this performance is a sign that 2 seasons and 5 episodes into the shows life there can be positive change.

Here’s to hoping this performance is the start of something new for the kids at McKinley High. Because in all honesty, I want this show to succeed and leave a legacy that is not based on Macy’s clothing lines and ‘LIVE TOUR’ ticket sales.

What do you think, internet? Is this performance a sign of what’s to come, or is this show as doomed as Adele’s last relationship?

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