11 Nov

While feeling down on oneself seems to be a very simple task to accomplish (at least for myself it is), feeling uplifted about oneself is a different story. Negativity is so easy to fall prey to. That is why when I feel down on myself I make it an effort to do one thing:

Facebook stalk

Specifically, Facebook stalk peers from my high school that never grew up, got pregnant, never left town, or a mixture of all three plus some.

While I can’t lead you to specific profiles that make me look like a king even on my worst days, I will lead you to the next best thing.

Your Friend From High School Twitter account.

Whoever is in charge if this comedy is a genius. It is the correct balance of sad, but true that is your friend from high school that never grew up.

Classic gems include:

I don’t know if I should be ashamed of the fact that I knew people like this at my high school, or proud that I escaped becoming this.

Internet, I don’t know how you deal with your problems, but I highly recommend following FriendFromHS or locating your old friends from high school on Facebook.

(Photo cred: dat bitch debbie!)

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