Flight Grad Down

21 Nov

We have crossed the Atlantic, Pacific, and Western time zones, and have now found our Oceanic Flight in the strangest of areas: the week before Thanksgiving and all winter related holidays.

As any college student will tell you, this timezone is the most stressful. Papers are assigned, then delayed, then pushed back up, then delayed again, then due. Tests start furiously encroaching, and semester-long projects and presentations’ due dates are within sight.

I can attest this as fact because I have at least 8 papers due by December 6th – all totaling a minimum of 43 pages. Hooray!

So, shouldn’t you be studying and writing those pesky papers, Zack?


This is a list post, people! While I do have a lot to do, school is the farthest thing from my mind. There are so many things I’d rather be doing, and these are them.

  • Eat at 24 Diner in ATX
  • Wear a sweater and not be sweating to death in it
  • Listen to the new Rihanna album (I’m actually serious about this one)
  • Start my internship at Austin City Limits!
  • Graduate
  • Read 5 weeks worth of Entertainment Weekly’s that have piled up
  • Fix all the problems on American Horror Story
  • Go garage sailing
  • Re-read ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy
  • Convince myself that the latest series of Doctor Who was cohesive and fantastic
  • Vacuum my carpet
  • Stop obsessing over the love story of Jacob and Anna in Like Crazy
  • Get at least 4 people to watch all 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer before 2012 (it’s possible)
  • Buy a new plaid shirt

And there you have it, internet. I’m a pretty simple guy, and these aren’t very hard requests. Alas, all of this will have to be put on hold until I wrap up senior year here in college – or as Anna would say, university.


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