Graduation Day (Part 2)

11 Dec

For the longest time I have been scavenging my mind for the correct words to somehow explain the impact the past 3 and half years I have spent at Texas State University have had on me. I wanted to write some opus of significance that I could treasure and distribute to express my feelings and gratitude towards the chunk of life I have lived in San Marcos. The truth is that I don’t have any words. There is nothing I could say or think about writing that would be able to do justice to what God has bestowed upon myself.

So instead of trying to get all Socrates on y’all, I’ll let Kelly Clarkson sing for me.

It’s so stupid and simple, but it’s the truth. My life truly would have sucked if it weren’t for the most amazing, creative, perfect time and people I will ever have the honor of living and knowing.

And even though I will never be able thank every single one of them for all they have done, I can try. So now, in the style of Mean Girls, a piece for you all.

A piece for my freshmen year family, Saved By The Bell never looked so good. A piece for Purgatory Road, hell has a path and it is you. A piece for Cru, I didn’t find Jesus, but I found so much more. A piece for 233, the greatest dorm in the existence of dorms. It’s hard to believe that a small 8X10 room could hold my greatest memories, but it did. Family tree for life. Pieces for the countless coffee-shop-music-shows I have attended, the music was great, the coffee not so much. A piece for Kevin Porter, you showed me there is life after college, and that a man of Christ could both love the Lord, and Gilmore Girls. A piece for The Outpost building 2, you gave me my Friends saga. A piece for Sara Pena, my main bitch, my therapist, and my Pretty Little Liar. A piece for every musician I have met, I want your success more than my own, and I will do anything to help you achieve it. Pieces for the countless characters of Texas State: Wheelchair Girl, Shannon Gaga, Bonnie G. Brewer, Michael Schooley, Stella the Wrap Lady, Rast, Dempster, Sad Sandwich Guy, Grandmother Willow, David Booth, Senor Alfo, Denise Trauth/Fluffy and their invisible tower, Mean Wheelchair Girl, Doppelgangers, Sandy da Polar Bear, Meez Biv, the van of Cholas, Lady Cop, Grimes, Fluker, “Can I stuff this bird?” Girl, The Zeta, and Turk Pipkin. Y’all are gone, but never forgotten. A piece for the BSM, I found Jesus and dozens of amazing new friends. A piece for the Disney Imaginations Team, y’all pushed me further than I thought I could go. A piece for the boys from Port Arthur, I will never fully understand you all, and I (think) I love that. A piece for Bridget Cooper, you showed me that 21 years of friendship is more than a number. And a piece for Kelsey Manning, you said we’d be best friends the very moment we met each other, and no other prophecy girl has ever been more correct.

And to any other person I have ever had a conversation with or that I forced to watch TV with me. I love you.

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