Pop Culture Resolutions

1 Jan

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means that it is a new dawn for resolutions!

I admit to being one of the masses that sharpies my predictions on a post-it note of what I will achieve in the coming year. I then stick it on my closet door mirror and ignore it as hard as I try to ignore the flaws of the reflection in front of me.

I think that the only resolution I made good on this year was to read more. Thanks to a mindless summer desk job I read close to 9 books in less than the 3 months. A record for me. It being my final semester in college, I finally decided to study which included readings of textbooks every single night. I now have the knowledge of Professor Hugo Strange. Watch out, Bats!

So instead of creating the classic “I’m gonna lose weight, eat only organic and healthy, and workout everyday including Sunday’s and religious holidays!” list that will be another staple of mirror time neglect, I’m gonna make a resolutions list that I know I will excel at.


While I’m still going to strive for that “Oh, these abs are just genetic. It’s because I’m cousins with Ryan Gosling and Wolverine” look in the new year, pop culture resolutions (PCR’s) are something I know I will have no problem at achieving.

My number one resolution is to keep watching great television. I figured if I watched as much TV as I did in college and still managed to graduate a semester early, working life will give me much more time to fill up my DVR and mind with great TV.

I’ve wanted to watch The Sopranos for decades now, and in 2012 I’m going to make this happen. I need to finally be able to understand the significance of the show on mainstream culture and the way television is produced today. And I really want to see the beginnings of St. Matthew Weiner of MadMendom in action.

I also really want to re-watch the complete series of Lost with virgin eyes, nor bias. I sort of gave up on the show during its final season. Waiting week after week to watch a sub par episode and still not get any questions answered left a bad taste in my mouth. But in all honesty, Lost is a show that is made for Netflix viewing. It’s one of the shows that you need to be able to set aside 14 hours of no social interaction or responsibilities to enjoy.

I want to expose my mind and ears to new music. To brag for one moment, I am going to be interning at the mecca of live music this semester: Austin City Limits. The employees there know their music, and I cannot wait to hear about new bands and musicians that will completely rock my mind.

I want to keep reading biographies. This is a genre that works for me – my favorite movies have always been biographical: The Aviator, Walk The Line, Indiana Jones (HE’S REAL IN MY HEART) – and, c’mon, if the industry is going to write a book or film a movie about someone, they’re life is guaranteed to be interesting. I’m currently working on the fantastic, Into The Wild (Internet, you will be hearing a lot more rants and thoughts on this book because it is completely changing me!), and I received the Steve Jobs biopic, and the controversial, My Week With Marilyn, for Christmas. This means my year has over 2,000 pages of biographical bliss ahead.

So, Internet, those are my PCR’s for the prophetical end-of-days year. What are your res’? Is this the year you will give into desire and watch every Real Housewives of every single county? Have you not cracked a book in ages? Do you finally want to know why you should care about this girl and her dragon tattoo? Sound off in the comments below and let me know what 2012 will hopefully have in store for you.

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