Road Trippin’

28 Jan

If The Simple Life’s second season on Fox didn’t make you want to attach a silver airstream to your car and trek it through the USA pit-stopping at nowhere town Burger King’s and begging customers for cash to afford a double whopper, well this post might not be for you because I love road trips.

And speak of the devil, I’m writing this post on my iPhone (oh, technology) while my sister mans the wheel on a trip back from Houston. All while we judge and first listen the newly leaked Lana Del Rey album.

I’ve only had the opportunity to go on a couple of road trips in my 22 years of life and each one has been completely fantastic.

Whether it’s been circling through Tennessee with my family, driving back there solo six years later, riding shotgun to a wedding in Dallas, or laughing, gabbing, and soul sisterfying with my two best friends to an Arcade Fire show – road trips rock.

My favorite time of any day is whenever/ if ever I get to drive somewhere, so road tripping is like a steroids induced version of that.

I just love being in a car; I think it’s the closest to a tangible form of freedom I have ever felt. Just the idea of packing up my car and heading north towards Seattle, or south towards Orlando fills me with the greatest sense of joy and peace. There’s something about driving the interstates and highways of America that entices me more than planes and trainsings it through Europe.

This post is fairly short due to the demands of a certain sister and her request for repeats of “Born To Die” and “National Anthem.”

So I’ll leave you with the latest Lana lyric to grace the speakers, “sometimes the road gets tough, I don’t know why.” This is true, but whether you have friends, an airstream, or the quiet bliss of driving alone, a road trip can fix most anything.

2 Responses to “Road Trippin’”

  1. Lion February 2, 2012 at 8:01 PM #

    Let’s take another roadtrip. You bring Lana. I’ll bring JAAAACKIE.

  2. Anonymous February 9, 2012 at 11:51 AM #

    For me, part of the whole dreampop thing is this weird nostalgic daydream feeling that s induced by swirly guitars.

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