Scoring My Life: Part 2

3 Feb

Every now and then the music gods that be grace the ears of we mere mortals with a song that is so perfectly perfect it can be used in any form or aspect of a television show or movie.

Art vs. Science’s “A.I.M. Fire” is that song for me right now.

Please tell me you can hear the magic of this song? Please!

The song is so much fun and has so much going on in it, that it can be paired with any scene – much like a fine Pinot gris…helloooo Ramona! The chanting of A.I.M. makes whatever you’re doing or watching seem like it is the most epic of epicness.

I’ve always been a big fan of when directors take a song that would seemingly not fit with the scene and then through the magic of film making, make you realize that no other song would have carried the same weight and tone. Tarantino has built a career on this. With the use of “Twisted Nerve,” the hospital scene in Kill Bill was taken to a whole new level of creepy and an iconic scene was born.

Anyways, seeing as how this is a scoring my life post, what life event would “A.I.M. Fire” connect with?

The go to obvious of this song would be to use it in a montage (I love montages) of my drunken nights out with friends. But, hey, I want to go for the unobvious. It could be used as subtle background music on a seemingly meaningless date, that when heightened ushers in a proposal! All of the restaurant starts clapping as a montage of our wedding begins to roll (again, I reaaaallly love montages). We could go for a conflict at work with a fellow colleague. And because of the silliness of the song, we go straight on Bride Wars and start pranking each other Jim Halpert style.

Scoring my life with this song is a little more difficult than I thought. I might just need to carry it around on a boombox with me until it finds the perfect time to appear.

So what do you think? “A.I.M. Fire” has become one of my favorite songs of the moment, ushering in play count after play count on my iTunes. But what do you think? Are you as big a fan of the song as I, or is it just another Foster The People wannabes that just doesn’t strike your fancy? Let me know in the comments below and also let me know what you are scoring your life to. Cheers.

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