So what is there to say about me that I haven’t already forced people to believe?

To hit about a dozen bullet points —-

  • My name is Zackary the Vampire Slayer.
  • I like TV shows, a lot.
  • I want to will work in television one day.
  • I want a marriage like Eric and Tami Taylor.
  • I get really excited when the Target circulars come out on Sunday mornings.
  • Plaid button down shirts are my second skin
  • I would eat the chicken bellagio dish from The Cheesecake Factory every day if finances and calorie intake allowed.
  • I own every issue of Entertainment Weekly since the year 2004.
  • My style inspirations are Don Draper, Mister Rogers, and Ron Weasley.
  • I drive the ultimate soccer mom vehicle – Saturn Vue (her name is Velma).
  • Glee killed a bit of my soul the day it hit the airwaves.
  • I am surrounded by the greatest people in the world, both physically and figuratively.

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