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2 Oct

Before we start, no, this is not a new venereal disease the cast of Jersey Shore concocted while in Florence this summer.

In actuality, STYCON is a company in South Africa that deals with polystyrene cornice products and instillation, whatever that means. In my reality, stycon is this,

Stycon (noun) – a mixture of both style and icon. A person (or group) exuding extremely

hot style, in terms of clothing, that one emulates to look, dress, be like.

Now that you’re up to speed with the new teen lingo, let’s look at some examples of stycons in action.

Left to right: Mr. Rogers, Ron Weasley, Don Draper
  • Mr. Rogers – this bro had more than just a neighborhood under his belt, he had a fine looking striped button-down shirt tucked in behind it. Deciding to opt out of the traditional male grey suit, we’ll get to you in a bit, Mr. Draper, Rogers donned a casual cardigan, blue jeans, and Chuck Taylor sneaks. Looking at Urban Outfitter catalogs today, it is easy to see that the Mr. Rogers was the original hipster dude.
  • Ron Weasley – it goes without saying that stars are to the night sky as I am to plaid. This wizard is to blame. Nobody does a plaid shirt better than the Gryffindor alum. I don’t know when my love affair with plaid clothing began (yes I do, freshmen year), but the Harry Potter franchise only fueled the flannel fire. Like Harry’s journey, plaid is timeless. It has been done time and time again. You can dress it up, dress it down, or dress your cat in it. Thanks to the youngest male Weasley, I am now poisoned in thinking I can wear a plaid suit to my own wedding.
  • Don Draper – this example needs no words. Just this picture.
Nuff sed

Honorable Mentions:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Matt Smith

  • The Drums

Time to be pretentious!

10 Jun

I’ve been wanting to do a post about music in television ever since I thought up the idea of creating a blog.

Well, here we go! This is the first in (hopefully) a series of posts that deal with ma favorite muzic, in ma favorite TV shows!

If you know me, you know I love me some Mad Men. It’s the perfect white people problem show for white people dealing with white people problems. And guess what, I am that white people. I became interested in this show the week after Entertainment Weekly plastered Mr. Draper and Miss Hollaway on their Summer TV Preview issue in the summer of 2008.

Because of their recommendation, I went to Wal-Mart and paid the whopping $45 bucks for the complete first season. I watched the pilot that night and once seeing the final shot of Don caressing his sleeping kids while an angelic Betty looked on from the doorway, I was hooked.

I could go on and on for days about how genius every aspect of this show is, but you are reading this upon the knowledge that I am going to talk about a “music moment” from the show.

Well, take a look at this season 2 *SPOILER FREE* beauty….

Ugh, groan, moan. I love this for so many reasons! No, not because I’m a pervert and it is a scene with women in various states of dress (that has something to do with it though!). I love this so much because, it is a show set in the 1960’s, but they use a contemporary song by The Decemberists.


Alex Patsavas, you are truly magical. Until this point, the show had stuck to the formula of using songs that were from the time period in the show. This moment totally blew the equation.

(SPOILER FREE): “Maidenform,” from which this scene is from, is one of my favorite episodes from the series. It’s one of the first times the characters look through smoke-filled eyes and start to analyze themselves in darker ways. Having the episode start off with the three main women getting dressed and looking into the mirror is a beautiful way to show how each woman “sees” herself. While looking in the mirror, Betty is pleased at what she sees (“As far as I’m concerned, as long as men look at me that way, I’m earning my keep”). Joan is too busy getting ready for work to look in the mirror and see what she already knows; she’s the HBIC. And poor, poor Peggy can’t even stand to look at herself in the mirror.

To have all of this action go on while simultaneously playing a song about how beautiful a woman is and how we will all praise her is a perfect foil to the pathos that Weiner and co. are trying to convey.

Stop me now if I sound too white and pretentious.

Ok, I’ll stop myself.

Seriously, I could play the role of white-boy-Mad-Men-cheerleader everyday and never tire of it.

So, that was my humble thought and interpretation on one of my favorite musical moments. Now it is my turn to ask you, dear readers. What is your favorite musical moment from a TV show? Maybe yours is the amazing moment in Veronica Mars where Fatboy Slim plays over a slow-mo hallway chase or  it could be the theme song to The View. No matter how grand or small, I wanna hear!

So, shut the door and have a seat and let me know what you think.

(Photo credit: EW)