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R.I.P. The O.P.

6 Aug

Tonight is my final night in what will now be formerly known as my old home, The Outpost.

How else am I supposed to honor the awesome roller-coaster of emotion year that this student-living complex offered? DUMPSTER DIVING of course!

One of the greatest things about being a college student is that you have unauthorized holidays like “Moving Week.” It’s basically a week-long Black Friday except that the Target’s and Best Buy’s are traded in for dumpsters and the bargain basement prices are swapped for $ Free. 99.

Even though I am excited to be moved into my new apartment, I am sad to be leaving this once temporary home. As long as I can remember I have wanted my life to mirror a television show. I’ve wanted my How I Met Your Mother, my Friends. With The Outpost I got that.

I lived right below my best friend.

I was part of a gang of characters known as the ‘Sexy Six’ (for about six minutes, but nonetheless, I was a character).

(Top Left: Chandler, Joey, Ross. Bottom Left: Phoebe, Rachel, Monica)

I had sitcom moments such as:

  • That time a sorority girl got drunk and boom-boomed in my living room
  • That time ants invaded the whole of building two and refused to leave for all of spring semester
  • That time Adam invited me to a party and we became total BFF’s (if only in my mind)
  • That time Olive & Chuck had an impromptu concert on their balcony
  • That time we had ‘Fry-day Fridays’
  • That time where a pigeon bat flew around the apartment and pooped on David’s pillow
  • Those times where I felt safe because I could hear the footsteps of some very sexy ladies having pillow fights above me. Those happened, right?
  • Those times where I stayed up ’til dawn and had amazing Christ-centered, school-centered, relationship-centered, TV-centered, life-centered conversations with the greatest friends in the world

The Outpost gave me my Friends era, it gave me a sense of comfort, sanity, excitement, and normality in my life. It gave me some of the dearest memories I will ever have.

So with closets and drawers emptied, and walls caulked and painted I head on to my new home, carrying the memories that The Outpost has packed into my mind.

Grainy, Glossy, Gold

11 May

In my short 21 years of life I have learned that pictures speak louder than words.

This is a post honoring both the fact that I (finally!) developed my Kodak instant camera and that the people in my life are awesome and deserve to be shown in all their grainy glory.

So without further ado…



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