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Geroni-Say It Ain’t So!

2 Oct

I feel like I’m disrespecting the memory of the denizens of Gallifrey with this statement, but this season of Doctor Who has left me feeling a bit, eh, underwhelmed…

Maybe I can blame it on the extreme amount of hype there was going into this series. Fancy posters! A split season! Amazing cliff-hangers! Comic-Con visits! SERIALIZED STORIES! I mean, c’mon, BBC pumped out an advertising campaign fit for a going-to-be-cancelled-within-3-weeks-NBC- show (I’m lookin’ at you, Playboy Club!). With all the promotion I expected nothing less than an utterly incredible season worthy of praising every single minute of every single day. Yet, something this season has just felt off.

Side note: Being 21 years of age, I was raised in what you could call, the Lost generation. This means that being the true (Tardis) blue fan of television I am, I sat through six years of serialized island-madness drama. Six years. Six long, uneven, what’s a smoke monster?, is this whole thing a metaphor?, polar bear-stalked jungle, Paolo and Nicki buried alive years. Needless to say, I’m a little weary when it comes to serialization.

This island-sized chip on my shoulder is probably the reason why Amy seeing Madame Kovarian’s face in random locations for the first half of the season needed to be more than just, well, Amy seeing Madame Kovarian’s face in random locations! The serialization of the show needed to be more than just a tiny aspect of the show there to remind you that the season is leading to a specific Pandorica-esque showdown to end all showdowns.

Even with all my hesitation, this season has provided some FANTASTIC episodes and moments. “The Doctor’s Wife” may have replaced “Turn Left” as my favorite D. Who ep. Alex Kingston’s River Song has never been more fabulous, “The God Complex” left me shaking and crying, literally, and Matt Smith has definitely worked his way into my stycons inner circle. Just look at this!

I have yet to watch the finale, “The Wedding of River Song,” (thanks for going out of town room mate and my conscious guilt over breaking a pact with you to wait and watch the episode together!) and I pray that the finale will make me look like a complete über dumb-dumb for not having loved the little show that could, did, has, will do again.

To end, I love Doctor Who. It is not only one of my favorite shows, but it has also led to some fantastic friendships being formed and some fantastic debates and conversations. I just hope that when I inevitably buy the complete series 6 on blu-ray I will discover something there that I hadn’t noticed before.

UPDATE: Moffat…. ugh…. all I’m gonna say is…. ugh….

Allons-y, y’all! See you back in the Tardis come Christmas!

Sprinting Towards The Savior

11 May

There are certain days, like today, where I am stuck at work while all of my friends are enjoying life outside of the compound that is the 3:45-6:00pm shift at Derrick Hall. I know, I know, who wants to read about a white boy complaining about how hard working a 2 hour shift is?

No one.

So I’m going to talk about something else instead.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a disconnection with God.


Yes, that loud screech you heard is the sound of my Saturn Vue smashing to a halt and swiftly turning about 180 in conversation. At the beginning of this semester my relationship with God was on the Hogwarts Express bound towards awesomeness. I had never felt so alive, so loved, and so happy in my life. The company I was keeping was only helping water and grow this watermelon sized lump of a feeling. However, in the last few days I’ve felt that the watermelon season is over, the train has screetched to a halt, the whick that held the fire in me has been extinguished between two fingers.

I hate to admit it, but I feel like God has left the building.

I know in my heart of hearts that this is not true. That this is one of those weeks that all Christians go through time and again. It sucks though. It truly, truly sucks. The thing I love about being a Christian and about being a part of God’s kingdom is that I always have someone with me. I am never alone. This week though, I have felt alone. I have been stuck in my head with only my negative thoughts. Again, it sucks. Today though, I decided to make a change. Right when I got off from my work shift I went for a jog. If you know me, you know I don’t jog. I can probably count on my right hand the number of times I have jogged this semester. Today though, I went jogging.

I needed to try and see if somewhere along that stretch of Post Road I could find God.

I did.

A little more than 5 paces into my run, I began to pray. The hardest prayer I’ve prayed in a long time. I asked God to give me the strength to help myself, to help others, to make this sinking feeling of loneliness go away. After that prayer (and chasing a chihauaua through a trailer park), it hit me. If God needs me to be in this depressive state to further his spirit in me, let me be in this depressive state.

With this realization, I sweatily went into this rundown graveyard that is near my apartment complex. I walked through the headstones and found a bench next to the Garcia’s plot. I sat down and began to thank God for letting me be able to feel the way I feel. I thanked him for letting me be sad, for letting me worry about others, for letting me be able to feel at all. If it weren’t for Him in my life, there would be no point in wanting to feel again.

This seems like an awkward place to leave things, but I don’t really know what else to say past all that.

A verse that has helped me some this week has been Psalm 37: 23-24

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand”