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Summertime Happiness

7 Jun

I’m gonna try something new. I’m gonna be happy about this summer. I’m basically going to start viewing the Dr. Pepper can as a refreshingly 23 flavored beverage now instead of a caloric intake nightmare.

So you ask, “What do have to look forward to this summer, Zany Zack? You’re only in San Marcos working this summer.”

Well, as it just so happens, devastatingly invested reader, I have a whole slew of plans!

  • I’m gonna go to Target this week! Just cause!
  • I’m gonna watch all of Parks and Recreations! I got Hulu Plus!
  • I’m gonna apply at J. Crew! I want the discount!
  • I’m gonna read a book! To make myself look smart to onlookers!
  • I’m gonna keep going running in the morning! To make myself look skinny to onlookers!
  • I’m gonna text friends and hope that they respond! To make myself look desperate to onlookers!
  • I’m gonna pray to God that this be the best summer ever! BECAUSE IT CAN BE!

I need to keep reminding myself that just because I am not in a different city, in a different state, in a different country, on a different planet, in another galaxy doesn’t mean I can’t be happy and enjoy my summer. The only thing holding me back from my summertime happiness is me.

So, jealousy-inflicting Facebook statues and tweets be damned! From here on out, I’m letting rip my Julia Roberts laugh and am going to embrace the happy that I know summer can be.


1 Jun

Today my homegirl, Kelsey Manning, sets sail for Nashville, Tennessee. She is about to embark on what I hope will not be her peak journey in life, but rather the start of her rise to fame.

In case you are out of the loop, Miss Manning has been bestowed the awesome gift of an internship at Sirius XM in Nashville. This girl sleeps, eats, breaths and even paints her toenails with music. So I cannot think of a better place for her to spend her summer than in the farmer-tanned arms of Tennessee.

Words alone cannot express how proud I am of this diva. Which is why I will convey all of my emotions with a look…..

All has been said and all has been understood.

Seriously now, this lady has been with me every step of the way since freshmen year. She is the Sabrina Spellman to my Salem Saberhagen, the NeNe Leakes to my Kim Zolciak, the Little Edie to my Big Edie, the Easy to my Mac, the Willow to my Buffy, the cheetah to my plaid, and most importantly, the Val to my Kirst.

All has been said and all has been understood.

I, repeatedly, will say that I cannot think of a person who is more deserving when it comes to getting what they want out of life. This internship in Nashville is only the start of all the great things she will do. I wish her all the luck that little Irish men can carry in their pots-o’-gold and request that she steal me at least one of Dolly Parton’s wigs.

I’ll end with some words she sang to me once as I watched her roll her hair and put her lipstick on in the glass of her boudoir. “We are all born superstars.”

Hopefully that verse will echo true for her this summer, because, baby, she was born this way!

All has been said and all has been understood.

And just cause….