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Pride and Prejudice

6 Dec

I’m not a very prideful person, or a very protective one. I believe that pride is the root to all evil, and that people can protect themselves. With that being said, I break all these rules when it comes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Now it’s no surprise that I love me some Sunnydale and Co. But sometimes I feel like I love it too much. So much that I feel like people need to pass full on lie-detector-tests-signed-sealed-delivered-contracts in order to prove to me that they truly want to watch it. Basically, I don’t want you to want to watch it, I want you to need to watch it.

Buffy is the holy grail of television in my mind. The show got me through high school, and has almost taught me as much about life and death as college and my faith has. It’s more than just a TV show with a funny name – it’s a major part of my genetic make-up and who I am.

So tell me, readers, are there certain pop culture rubies that you may take a little too seriously? Have you held a grudge against someone because they said Harry Potter was just “aight?” Does it still make you break into a cold sweat at night because of a failed attempt to introduce someone to Middle Earth? Let me know in the comments below.

A ‘Glee’son To Keep Watching?

11 Nov

Why can’t all of Glee be this awesome?!

Even without the brilliant source material of Adele, this is probably one of the Glee cast’s finest performance to date. Now, I am a self-diagnosed Glee hater. I watched the first season, and even bought the DVD when it was on sale at Best Buy. I loved the concept and the theme of acceptance of every type of person. But, somewhere in that first season, and the entire second season, Glee lost its way.

This episode, entitled “Mash Off,” doesn’t premiere until next Tuesday so I am still confused as to all of the side glances Santana, Mercedes, and Brittany are exchanging, but I could care less. Ryan Murphy has said that he wants to put the show back on track: focus less on guest stars and big stunts. Maybe this performance is a sign that 2 seasons and 5 episodes into the shows life there can be positive change.

Here’s to hoping this performance is the start of something new for the kids at McKinley High. Because in all honesty, I want this show to succeed and leave a legacy that is not based on Macy’s clothing lines and ‘LIVE TOUR’ ticket sales.

What do you think, internet? Is this performance a sign of what’s to come, or is this show as doomed as Adele’s last relationship?

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Complete Series

5 Oct

If there’s one thing you feel the need to spend your hard-earned cash, disposable income, or live-beyond-your-means-credit-card on this week, it MUST be the complete series of Friday Night Lights DVD that was released today.

(Me wants!)

I, myself, own all of the separate seasons on DVD because I, in my stupidity, thought that NBC would never in a million years release a complete series package. NBC barely showed it any love while it was on air, even striking a deal with Direct TV to keep it running. This will teach me to give up on the underdog.

Friday Night Lights is not only one of the greatest television shows in the history of EVER, but it also holds a panther paw shaped spot in my heart.

This series is the first show that I have been able to get almost any type of person to fall in love with. What this show did for me is not only provided me with over 50 hours of beautiful story telling, but it also brought me together with some of the greatest people ever. My sophomore year of college my roommates, myself, friends, family, strangers all became addicted to the little show that did. We would all gather in the living room of my dorm and devour episode after shaky-camera-filmed episode. We went through all the trials and tribulations of the Taylor family together: state championships, redistricting, Gracie Belle’s toddler years (they grow up so fast!) – they truly were our home-away-from-home family. Oh, and did I mention – I WAS AN EXTRA!

I’m sure you remember the scene, it was only the most gut-wrenching emotional moment of the entire series (suck it, “The Son”).

My friends and I were lucky enough to live only 30 minutes away from its filming location in Austin, TX. The show even relocated for a few days to film some of Julie Taylor’s college class scenes. And, yes…. we had class together!

(For the record, Julie Taylor cheats on tests)

Now I could go into a full laundry list of reasons why this show has so much of me invested in it, but you, dear reader, should discover the show for yourself. I can tell you firsthand that I was never one for watching a show about football, but it’s not about football at all. FNL is about heart, family, love, overcoming obstacles, and yeah, there’s a few football games in there too.

You can pick the complete series up at Best Buy for $84.99 this week (I went and ogoled over the packaging of it today, it’s worth the money!) or if you are running low on gas Amazon.com

Buffy Proverbs 3:12

3 Oct
Angel: I saw you before you became the Slayer.
Buffy: What?
Angel: I watched you, and I saw you called. It was a bright afternoon out in front of your school. You walked down the steps… and…and I loved you.
Buffy: Why?
Angel: ‘Cause I could see your heart. You held it before you for everyone to see. And I worried that it would be bruised or torn. And more than anything in my life I wanted to keep it safe… to warm it with my own.
Buffy: That’s beautiful. Or taken literally, incredibly gross.
Angel: I was just thinking that, too.

Ringer v. Revenge

3 Oct

The 2011 fall television season has surprisingly put women center stage. Pan Am, Hart of Dixie, The Playboy Club are just a few examples of how the ladies of entertainment are moving into prime time. Two lady-centric shows this season I was personally pumped for were Revenge and Ringer.

Now that both series’ have premiered the pilots and are moving into the single digit eps, I have to say that the two seem pretty similar. Let’s weigh the similarities of the two.

  • Beautiful Lead Actresses – I’ll admit that I looked up nothing about Ringer before it’s premiere. Sarah Michelle Gellar aka BUFFY!!!! was coming back to TV – that’s all I needed. Revenge is Emily VanCamp’s return to TV after the disaster that was Brothers & Sisters ended last year. They’re both blonde, they’re both gorgeous, they’re both ratings magnets.
  • Haughty LocaleRinger gets the city and Revenge gets the beach. SMG gets to fancy it up in the big apple while the latter, being set in The Hampton’s, is a refreshing take on New York society without having to repeat the same locations. Which is nice because, honestly, how many times has the cast of Gossip Girl eaten dinner at Butter?
  • Mistaken Identities – what’s a nighttime soap without a few dark secrets? Gilmore Girls, that’s what it is. And GG these two are not. Revenge has Emily Thorne hiding that she is actually Amanda Clarke, dum, dum, dum, who wants to seek the titular revenge on those who scorned her father, David Clarke, dum, dum, dum. On Ringer, Bridget Kelly is masquerading as her twin sister, Siobhan, and digging up all of Siobhan’s twisted secrets. While a good premise, this seems a little too complex for the 90210 viewers of The CW… dum, dum, dum!
  • Serialization – now I have my problems with serialization, e.g. Lost, but these two shows seem to be handling it pretty well so far. I’d give the advantage to Ringer right now. Revenge has set up its serialized formula of Emily enacting certain tasks of revenge while still carrying out her ultimate chore of figuring out what exactly happened with her father. Ringer on the other hand has made its key storyline Bridget/Siobhan unearthing mystery after mystery with no letup.

While the similarities in the two shows are there, the two are vastly different in their story lines and storytelling. Both are figuring out the groove they want to be in and both are pumping out some very interesting stories that keep me coming back each week to watch (sometimes even at their regular airtime!).

You can catch Ringer on The CW, Tuesday’s at 8:00pm and you can see Revenge on ABC, Wednesday’s at 9:00pm.


2 Oct

Before we start, no, this is not a new venereal disease the cast of Jersey Shore concocted while in Florence this summer.

In actuality, STYCON is a company in South Africa that deals with polystyrene cornice products and instillation, whatever that means. In my reality, stycon is this,

Stycon (noun) – a mixture of both style and icon. A person (or group) exuding extremely

hot style, in terms of clothing, that one emulates to look, dress, be like.

Now that you’re up to speed with the new teen lingo, let’s look at some examples of stycons in action.

Left to right: Mr. Rogers, Ron Weasley, Don Draper
  • Mr. Rogers – this bro had more than just a neighborhood under his belt, he had a fine looking striped button-down shirt tucked in behind it. Deciding to opt out of the traditional male grey suit, we’ll get to you in a bit, Mr. Draper, Rogers donned a casual cardigan, blue jeans, and Chuck Taylor sneaks. Looking at Urban Outfitter catalogs today, it is easy to see that the Mr. Rogers was the original hipster dude.
  • Ron Weasley – it goes without saying that stars are to the night sky as I am to plaid. This wizard is to blame. Nobody does a plaid shirt better than the Gryffindor alum. I don’t know when my love affair with plaid clothing began (yes I do, freshmen year), but the Harry Potter franchise only fueled the flannel fire. Like Harry’s journey, plaid is timeless. It has been done time and time again. You can dress it up, dress it down, or dress your cat in it. Thanks to the youngest male Weasley, I am now poisoned in thinking I can wear a plaid suit to my own wedding.
  • Don Draper – this example needs no words. Just this picture.
Nuff sed

Honorable Mentions:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Matt Smith

  • The Drums

Geroni-Say It Ain’t So!

2 Oct

I feel like I’m disrespecting the memory of the denizens of Gallifrey with this statement, but this season of Doctor Who has left me feeling a bit, eh, underwhelmed…

Maybe I can blame it on the extreme amount of hype there was going into this series. Fancy posters! A split season! Amazing cliff-hangers! Comic-Con visits! SERIALIZED STORIES! I mean, c’mon, BBC pumped out an advertising campaign fit for a going-to-be-cancelled-within-3-weeks-NBC- show (I’m lookin’ at you, Playboy Club!). With all the promotion I expected nothing less than an utterly incredible season worthy of praising every single minute of every single day. Yet, something this season has just felt off.

Side note: Being 21 years of age, I was raised in what you could call, the Lost generation. This means that being the true (Tardis) blue fan of television I am, I sat through six years of serialized island-madness drama. Six years. Six long, uneven, what’s a smoke monster?, is this whole thing a metaphor?, polar bear-stalked jungle, Paolo and Nicki buried alive years. Needless to say, I’m a little weary when it comes to serialization.

This island-sized chip on my shoulder is probably the reason why Amy seeing Madame Kovarian’s face in random locations for the first half of the season needed to be more than just, well, Amy seeing Madame Kovarian’s face in random locations! The serialization of the show needed to be more than just a tiny aspect of the show there to remind you that the season is leading to a specific Pandorica-esque showdown to end all showdowns.

Even with all my hesitation, this season has provided some FANTASTIC episodes and moments. “The Doctor’s Wife” may have replaced “Turn Left” as my favorite D. Who ep. Alex Kingston’s River Song has never been more fabulous, “The God Complex” left me shaking and crying, literally, and Matt Smith has definitely worked his way into my stycons inner circle. Just look at this!

I have yet to watch the finale, “The Wedding of River Song,” (thanks for going out of town room mate and my conscious guilt over breaking a pact with you to wait and watch the episode together!) and I pray that the finale will make me look like a complete über dumb-dumb for not having loved the little show that could, did, has, will do again.

To end, I love Doctor Who. It is not only one of my favorite shows, but it has also led to some fantastic friendships being formed and some fantastic debates and conversations. I just hope that when I inevitably buy the complete series 6 on blu-ray I will discover something there that I hadn’t noticed before.

UPDATE: Moffat…. ugh…. all I’m gonna say is…. ugh….

Allons-y, y’all! See you back in the Tardis come Christmas!

The Chosen One

11 Sep

There are instances in my life where I know that God truly wants me to be happy. There are instances in my life where I realize that Twitter truly is the wave of the future in social media. There are instances where the two meet and create something beautiful.

I had the extreme privilege honor excitement enthusiasm I’M GONNA SCREAM NOW BECAUSE I GET TO DO THIS pleasure of getting to write a guest/fan piece for Dark Horse Comics blog about the upcoming Buffy Season 9 series – hitting stands September 14th. I’ve been a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for years and after responding to a tweet by @DarkHorseComics asking for someone to write a post for their blog to get fans ampted for the new season, I knew I wanted this more than I wanted Anya and Xander to work out.

Here is the link to the post on Dark Horse’s blog site, or if you’re lazy and one click is one click too many, here is the post on my own blog.

To say that Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been a constant in my life would be an understatement. To say that Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been my guide book of what to do and not to do would be staking the truth square in the heart.

I truly discovered the town of Sunnydale in 2006 during my sophomore year of high school when I had casually bought the first season on DVD. I remember catching various flashes of random episodes when a babysitter my parents hired would come and sit for me. Parts of the show had stuck in my mind, eventually making me want to actually watch a full episode. I still get irked whenever Drusilla uses her fingernail to slit Kendra’s throat. It’s amazing how something you see when you are 7 years old can still give you the skivvies at 21.

After finishing the entire run of the series in less than a year (I sadly missed out on watching the show when it aired on the WB), I loved it so much that I wanted to go through the whole journey again. I decided then that each year I would watch the season that coincided with my own age. I watched season 3 during my senior year of high school at age 18. Season 5 I watched my sophomore year of college at age 20, and so on. It always seemed that no matter what situation was going on in Buffy, I could relate to it on every level. Feeling invisible certain days, wondering what my purpose was in life, always feeling like the Zeppo in my group of friends (Xander and I shared a special relationship), no matter what, Buffy was there to help guide me through adolescence. I continued this journey until my freshmen year of college when I found a group of friends that would voluntarily sit down and watch the series from the very beginning. Up until this point I had given up on convincing friends to watch the series—my failed attempt at explaining the metaphor and significance of Angel losing his soul after one true moment of happiness had humiliated me enough to not want to open up again.

From then on, Buffy became our way of bonding. The show helped open up conversations that would not be the typical of a I’m-a-freshmen-desperately-seeking-friends-and-a-sense-of-normality-in-my-life conversation that all freshmen have to go through. What Joss and Co. got so correct with the entire series is that, yes, high school is hell, but college is just as terrifying. Life never fully settles down into a warm, cozy, fuzzy blanket of safe. Your first day of college you may have your arm broken by the leader of a vampire gang, but by the end of the year, you may have channeled the spirit of the First Slayer to succeed in saving the world. Again.

Now that I am in the midst of my senior year of college I don’t have to be sad that once I finish season 7 my journey will be over. I now have the awesomeness that is the Season 8 comics. What I’ve loved about Season 8 so far is that the scope of “Sunnydale and the Scoobies” has grown by a factor of, like, a thousand and ten percent. The writers aren’t strapped into the confines of a 44-minute format with a strict budget. I mean, hello— Buffy flew, Buffy traveled to the future, Dawn blew up to the size of a Holiday Inn, Warren walked the earth with no skin, Buffy and Angel got it on so hard that they ripped holes in the universe, and Buffy is scaling the Golden Gate bridge on the new Season 9 cover! This is all possible because of the magic that lies in the medium of comics. And speaking of magic, Season 8 has also changed the entire world of Buffy, as we Whedonites know it. There is no more magic! I repeat, NO MORE MAGIC! Buffy the Vampire Slayer without magic is like Star Wars dismissing light sabers in a battle.

Stripping Buffy’s world of what it knows is going to be an interesting plot device going into Season 9. Just like life, things you know are stripped away; it’s how you deal with what comes next that really matters. And if I know Buffy and her gang, they will make it through. That has always been the underlining message of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – no matter what hell you go through, you will make it better and stronger than you were before.

Buffy Summers is growing up and so should the stories. I’m growing up and so should my stories. This girl has been with me through the key areas of my life and with the continuation of her life in Season 9, she will be for a long time to come.

Jersey Shore: Let Me Count Thy Spray Tan Cans

30 Aug

It’s a simple (and relatively inexpensive) formula for success: 8 strangers + tricked out house + alcohol; shake, don’t stir. Cha-ching, ratings! That’s why MTV has stuck with it since the  equation was put to the test with the debut of The Real World in ’92. So why has Jersey Shore, which has stuck to the formula, blown up, not just into a ratings piñata or cultural phenomena, but a cultural brand and lifestyle? 3 seasons and 5 fourth season episodes in and this spray tanned gorilla shows no sign of stopping.

If you’re able to sit down long enough and analyze the equation, some startling facts are revealed that actually spell out why America has fallen in love lust psychosis with the kids from Jersey.


He has yet to show his green, cotton-stuffed face since the move to Florence, but this season 3 scene-stealer may very well be the unsung hero of the Shore. No matter what the tone of the house, Crocodilly is always down for a good time. Be it a prank war, snuggles with mama (Snook’s), or a trip to Vinny’s twin bed, this croc is levels above the buzz kill that was Angelina. And c’mon, what’s a guidette without a juiced up Build-A-Bear?

Deena’s Coordination 

She flashed The Situation her baked lasagna 23 minutes into the season 3 opener, therefore, you knew she was gonna be crazy. But, for all her girl on girl make-out sessions, tireless efforts at trying to spin her own catchphrase  (Golden Ticket?), and attempts at persuading the house she really is part of their “family,” it’s her coordination that gets her a spot on this list. When the girl’s drunk she makes Michael J. Fox look as steady as the economies downfall.

Ronnie’s Personalities 

Honestly, the producers at MTV could fill up an entire shore house with the personalities that Ronnie  Ortiz-Magro has to offer.

  1. Single Ronnie – the one good storyline from Miami was the night that “Single Ronnie” was let out of the condo. He was fun, he was snookin’ for love, he was quite possibly feeling the effects of a kilo. Thus creating…
  2. Sloppy Joe – the Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll, “Sloppy Joe” gave us one of the most disgusting triple kisses since MTV aired one on Teen Mom, or Next, or Room Raiders (MTV loves a good triple kiss).
  3. Rammi  – the Ronnie we’ve known the longest has been the Ronnie that has been in a relationship with Sammi. The only good thing about this Ronnie is that it always entices Sammi to let a good “STAAAAAHHPPPPP” slip out during an argument.

Lost In Translation

Snooki, a map, a foreign land, perfection. The most brilliant move by MTV is sticking the cast in Florence, Italy. The guido movement could still be argued as a foreign culture in America, so it’s only fair to give the cast a new culture to attempt to understand… and sleep with. If you weren’t hooked after Sammi and Deena misunderstood an H&M for the Vatican, than you obviously were browsing the channels on your way to an NCIS repeat on TNT.

Jersey Turnpike 

Alright, Deena gave us something good. Season 1 gave us the fist pump and beating the beat. Season 2 gave us absolutely nothing (Like Sammi, I’m still a little bitter about Miami). Now, season 3 has given us the Jersey Turnpike. What was once a simple highway system for housewives and guidos alike is now the hottest dance move to drunkenly grace the floors of Karma. The dance is a simple formula as well: head down, ass up. With two simple rules it makes sense that our Italian friends love it so much. It’s hard to dougie and chicken noodle soup with a cup full of the-duck-phone-is-going-to-wake-me-up-at-3-in-the-afternoon-I’ll-regret-this-in-the-morning staring you straight in the face. All a Jerseyite needs for a perfect night now is a straw.

Compelled By Chris

14 Jun

Let me preface by saying that The Vampire Diaries is one of the most underrated shows on television right now. This isn’t just Sheryl, my CW fangirl, crying out in a “leave Britney alone” type fashion. It really, really, really is great. Believe me.


It has everything one could ever want out of a TV show, fantastic pacing, fantastic storylines (Katherine in the tomb!), fantastic twists and shocks (Katherine’s NOT IN the tomb!), and surprisingly fantastic acting (Ian Somerhalder’s eyebrows were born to be Damon Salvatore). But what the show has that beats all these other beauts, is great music.

What the show does so perfectly is that it seamlessly incorporates the music into the show. The music becomes a character itself. Now, I could go on about all the great scenes, but I’ll let music supervisor Chris Mollere’s expertise guide your opinion instead.

Ex. 1)


Ex. 2)


Ex. 3)


May I work for you, Mr. Mollere? Please?

Oh, and simply because it is one of my favorite moments from any TV show ever, here is the surprise return of Katherine from season 1!