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11 May

Fear is the dumbest, stupidest, most ridiculous, most relatable emotion that the kind ol’ man upstairs has blessed upon us. President’s have commented on it (YEAH, ROOSEVELT!), an entire movie genre has been built around it, the publishing industry owes millions to it, heck, I’m listening to a song right now that deals with it. For something so hated and loathed by every single person on this planet, why do we choose to keep it in our lives? Is there a way to rid ourselves of it? Harold Kushner sure thinks so.

Fear is a demon of this world that every person can attest to searching for the perfect weapon to destroy it. Yet, not even Indiana Jones can find this elusive rapier.

Now with my balls tucked between my legs and my freshly manicured nails entwining my cosmopolitan, I begrudgingly take my Carrie Bradshaw moment and can’t help but wonder if Roosevelt was right or if he was just speaking through his own fear:

If the truth is that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, why do we fear fear?

My entire life on earth has been run by fear. The fear of not being skinny enough. The fear of not being funny enough. The fear of not being smart enough. The fear of not being perfect enough. Seriously, if the BBC needed footage of fear holding someone back for a Planet-Earth-Human-Planet-Life- style documentary on it, I’m their guy.

Fear has truly been my bear to cross in this life. And because of said bear, this post could go on for days. I won’t go into the details of all the fearful events in my life, I’ll save that listening-burden for my friends. I’ll simply end this with the fact that fear is dumb. It’s as dumb as a Zack Snyder wet dream put into theaters. It’s as dumb as a girl competing on teen Jeopardy. It’s as dumb as not quieting down when Cat Deeley tells you to.

Well, readers, I’ve done the ranting and asked the question. Now it is your turn to give me the answers. Don’t let fear hold you back from answering. I promise nothing could be as bad as this.